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H&R Sway bars replace the existing sway bars and are compatible with the original suspension and performance suspension kits - regardless of the manufacturer. For most cars they are adjustable. H&R Sway bars are the ideal choice for the enthusiast who wants precision handling, but may not want to lower the vehicle.

H&R Sway Bars are precision engineered—designed and manufactured to be strong, resilient, and durable. Adhering to the same manufacturing philosophy as H&R’s world-renowned springs, H&R Sway bar design and production receives significant attention to detail and commitment. Each sway bar is cold-formed and heat-treated, with forged seamless bar ends. H&R shot-peens the sway bars to increase durability and check for dimensional correctness. At H&R’s ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility in Germany, production is completed in-house and each sway bar must pass a series of rigorous quality control tests to earn H&R’s approval and yours.

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